STP-270MD Used Medical Device / Category B / Exempt Shipping System, Ambient

  • Designed for shipments of Used Medical Devices or other large specimens with small amounts of residual fluid
  • Largest Ambient Shipping System qualified for Category B and Exempt Patient Specimens
  • Additional Leak-proof Poly Bag for use as a primary receptacle when Used Medical Devices are being returned
  • Fits within the STP-340 OVPK for shipments requiring temperature control

System Components:

  • Quantity – 25/Case
  • Outer Box – OD 15 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 5” pre-printed with: Biological Substance, Category B, UN 3373 Marking, Exempt Human/Animal Specimen Marking, Orientation Arrows.
  • STP-150 Absorbent Strip (50 mL) (1 each per shipper)
  • STP-741 Leak-proof Poly Bag (primary receptacle) (1 each per shipper)
  • STP-740 Disposable Secondary Pressure Vessel (Extra Large) (1 each per shipper)

Refurbishments and Optional Components:

  • STP-609 Saf-T-Rap® Bubblewrap, 6 x 12” (20/cs.)
  • STP-150 Absorbent, 50 mL, 3” (500/cs.)
  • STP-151 Absorbent, 100 mL, 6” (250/cs.)
  • STP-150 Absorbent, 250 mL, 12” (250/cs.)

Capacity (Maximum):

  • Twelve 100 mL Specimen Containers
  • One 1L Blood Bag
  • Two 500 mL Blood Bags

NOTE: Additional components are required for maximum capacity shipments.