STP-340-OVPK Overpack System, Category A, B and Exempt Patient Specimen

  • Use with four STP-100 or STP-200, or one STP-270EXMT, STP-270 or STP-270MD

System Components:

  • Outer Box – OD 18 x 15x 14.5”, pre-printed with: Biological Substance Category B Marking, Exempt Human/Animal Specimen Marking, UN3373 Marking, Orientation Arrows
  • Insulated Chest - ID 16 x 13 x 12.5”
  • STP-802 Class 6 Infectious Substance Label
  • STP-809 UN 2814 Infectious Substance Affecting Humans, Category A Label
  • STP-803 Class 9 Hazard Label
  • STP-804 Dry Ice Marking
  • STP-817 Overpack Marking
  • STP-810 Blockout Label