VOLO™ (2°C - 8°C, Neopor®)

  • With Inmark’s engineering, Saf-T-Pak is now able to provide an extensive lineup of 2°C to 8°C shipping solutions. The VOLO product line uses unique water-based brick cassettes and an innovative graphite infused polystyrene insulated chest, Neopor®. Like our other 2°C to 8°C shipping solutions, this system can be used as an Overpack when transporting Category A Infectious Substances (UN 2814 or UN 2900).
  • Pre-qualified 2°C to 8°C and 15°C to 25°C shipments
  • Universal Pack-out
  • Shipping duration from 72 to 120 Hours
  • Neopor® insulated chest
  • Water-based refrigerant cassettes