Training Support

Welcome to your one stop shop to help you get training and become certified as quickly and as effectively as possible. Once you have decided your training method this page will help you with:

  • Activation Codes
  • Help with the Regulations
  • Technical Support

Activation Codes - What are they?

Activation Codes are sent to the customer electronically when Online Training is purchased. These codes are your key to accessing our software.

Regulatory Support

There are 3 easy to use ways to get definitive help with Dangerous Goods Regulations.

  1. Use our FAQ section and expand the tree under "Regulations". Click Here to go to the FAQ section now.
  2. Email our regulatory department and our first available regulatory experts will do their very best to get your question answered. Click Here to use our online email form.
  3. Telephone our regulatory department directly. If you have a question that cannot be easily explained in an email this is the next recommended step. If you are calling within North America please call us toll-free at 800.814.7484 and ask for the Regulatory Department.

Technical Support

Having trouble getting your computer based training going? Don't worry we're here to help. Talk to our customer service team and let them assist.


If you are having some trouble with something chances are someone else in the past has as well, and in here you'll find the solution to that difficulty. Click Here to be taken straight to our new FAQ's.