Desktop Training

Don't have internet access at every computer? This is the Saf-T-Pak training option for you.

The Desktop Training Application is a “green” take on the classic Saf-T-Pak DVD training. No more waiting for the installation disk to be shipped; the Desktop Training Application gets you up and training faster, saves money and is more environmentally friendly. Once downloaded and installed, the Desktop Training Application functions similar to Saf-T-Pak's Online Training. Whith the Desktop Training Application you save the single executable file directly to a Flash Drive (or any other recordable media, such as a DVD-R, or Hard Drive), and go from computer to computer to install the training program, as needed.*

*Administrative rights required for installation

Customize Your Training for What You Need

The Saf-T-Pak Desktop Training Application allows you to choose exactly the training you need. No wasting time training on what you won’t use. Your final test and certificate will reflect the specific training subjects you chose at the beginning of the training. Additionally, you can return throughout the year if you need to add a subject to your training. The Desktop Training is designed for customer who are unable to provide internet access to their employees. All of the student's training data after initial registration stays on the computer where the training was taken.

Desktop Training

Training selections include:

  • Category A Infectious Substances (UN 2900, UN 2814)
  • Category B Infectious Substances (UN 3373)
  • Exempt Human and Animal Specimens
  • Genetically Modified (Micro)Organisms (UN 3245)
  • Dry Ice (UN 1845)
  • Dry and Wet Liquid Nitrogen Shippers (UN 1977
  • Excepted Quantities
  • Limited Quantities

Desktop Training Application Highlights

  • Download immediatly
  • Valid throughout calendar year listed
  • Choice of five or six users
  • Customizable - Save time by training on topics related to employee job functions
  • Free updates available from our website.
  • Free technical and regulatory support

Customized Test and Certificate

After the test is completed, it is scored with just a simple click of the mouse. The trainee can then print a certificate as their record of training, documenting their test score, the specific areas tested on, as well as the test date and expiration date of the certificate. If the test score isn’t acceptable to the trainee’s organization, they may take the test over as many times as needed.

More Platforms and Browsers - Now Windows® 10 Friendly!

Our Training was created using Adobe Flash® technology. By using the Adobe Flash platform, our training is now compatible with more operating systems than ever before.

To download a copy of the system requirements Click Here.

Training Based on International and Local Regulations

Training allows you to choose your training based on your location. While the training is primarily based on the international regulations developed by the United Nations Committee of Experts, it also provides references and interpretations to international as well as country and region-specific regulations from regulatory organizations including:

  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • US Department of Transportation (49 CFR)
  • Transport Canada (TDGR)
  • Economic Commission for Europe (ADR/RID)

Training region choices include the United States, Canada or Europe, and each region choice covers the regulations applicable to that region.

Free Updates

Any updates for the training during the calendar year, either to the regulatory content or the functionality of the program, will be made available for download at no charge from our website.

Training Manual Example

Comprehensive Desk Reference Available at Special Pricing

Save over 60% on the price of the associated Saf-T-Pak Shipping Division 6.2 Dangerous Goods Compliance Training Reference Manual by adding it to the purchase of our training, Desktop/Download or Online Version. This publication is a valuable desk reference during training and afterwards for anyone involved in the shipping of Division 6.2 Infectious Substances. Click Here for a PDF sample of our Training Reference manual.

Ready to Purchase?

To purchase the Saf-T-Pak Desktop Training Application, or for more information about which Training option or options is right for your organization, call us at 800.814.7484 from the US or Canada, 780.486.0211 from all other countries or Click Here to send us an email.







Please quote the following product numbers when ordering:

Desktop Training

  • STP-875DL-5U - Desktop Training, Five User Training Program
  • STP-875DL-6U - Desktop Training, Six User Training Program
  • STP-876DL-5U – Desktop Training, Five User Training plus one Training Reference Manual
  • STP-876DL-6U – Desktop Training, Six User Training plus one Training Reference Manual