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Training Platform

Online Training

Saf-T-Pak's new online compliance training platform is the perfect solution for personnel that ship Dangerous Goods once a day, once a month or several times per year. All the necessary bases are covered, including IATA, ICAO, US DOT, Transport Canada, RID/ADR and Universal Postal Union regulations. 

Available 24/7, from any location with a desktop/laptop computer or mobile device with a current or newer browser.

Online Training Benefits:

  • Flexible - Training to fit your corporate needs - done where ever and whenever
  • Responsive - Works on any device with a modern browser
  • Intuitive - Easy-to-Use, straight-forward user experience
  • Save - Time and money on travel expenses
  • Expert Instructors - Over 25 years dangerous goods training experience
  • Certified - Meets the international training requirements found in ICAO and IATA
                    (Dangerous goods training also certified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority)



  • Valid for one year from time of purchase
  • Always current training material
  • Anywhere and anytime training availability on computers with an internet connection
  • Optional Administrative App enables monitoring of each trainee's progress, test score and completion    certificate (coming soon)
  • Free technical and regultory support

Break Free of Limitations

Saf-T-Pak’s Online Training offers maximum flexibility, allowing each user to take their training from any modern desktop, laptop or mobile device with internet access. Start the training from your office desktop and finish from your home computer. Saf-T-Pak’s Online Training keeps track of where you left off, chapter by chapter. All you need is a high speed internet connection and you’re on your way.

More Platforms and Browsers

Saf-T-Pak’s Online Training was created with the future in mind and uses a responsive design to allow any device with a modern web-browser to access the app and have a superior user experience. Our app runs in the cloud and provides the highest level of security.

Customize Your Training

Saf-T-Pak’s computer-based compliance training allows students to choose exactly the training they need. No wasting time training for what you won’t use. Your final test and certificate will reflect the specific training subjects you chose during your training. Additionally, you can return throughout the year if you need to add a subject.

Training based on International and Local Regulations

Our Online Training allows you to choose your training based on your location. While the training is primarily based on the international regulations developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and adopted by IATA, Saf-T-Pak provides references to country or region-specific regulations that may be important to you.

Customized Test and Certificate

After the test is completed it is scored automatically. The trainee can then print a certificate as their record of training, documenting the specific areas they were tested on, as well as the test date and expiration month of the certificate. The minimum pass score of 80% to print your certificate should meet most organizations requirements.

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Saf-T-Pak is an approved P.A.C.E® provider

How do I determine the training requirements for my organization?

Anyone involved in packaging diagnostic samples and specimens for shipping, whether it be packing, handling or even just preparing the related paperwork is required by law to undergo specific training, and maintain a record of this training.

How Saf-T-Pak’s Administration App can help you manage your staff’s training requirements:

  • Organize your training records
  • View employee's training progress
  • Keeps track of test scores
  • Control minimum pass scores
  • Prints training certificates
  • Sends recertification alerts
  • Tracks P.A.C.E CEU's


Training Menu:

  • Online
    • Most Convenient
    • Suitable for staff at multiple geographic locations
    • Students are not tied to a class schedule
  • Seminar training at your facility
    • Provides the best learning experience (hightly recommended for first-time trainees)
    • Hands-on exercises using actual UN-specification packaging
    • Opportunities for classroom and instructor interaction
    • Each student receives Saf-T-Pak's Training Reference Manual, a vital desk reference
    • Customizable to your shipping needs
  • Online Webinar Training
    • Presented live, so works well for those who can't travel but still need some classroom interaction
    • Ideal for multiple locations
    • Can be accomplished in one day, or several - whatever's convenient for you!
    • UN-specification packaging material provided to each studetn for practice purposes
    • Students also receive Saf-T-Pak's Training Reference Manual, a vital desk reference


Who can teach this specialized training?

At this time there are no requirements for certification to be a dangerous goods trainer. Nevertheless, because of the vital importance of this training and its very complicated requirements, Saf-T-Pak strives to ensure that our trainers are at the pinnacle of their profession. So when our instructors conduct our classes you can feel confident that they are respected authorities on this subject.