Class 6.1 Toxic Substances

(Shipping Small Quantities of Bological Toxins)

"Webinar Date:November 19, 2015"

Webinar - Shipping Small Quantities of Biological Toxins

Similar to shipping infectious substances (Dangerous Goods Division 6.2), the transport of toxins extracted from biological or living substances (Dangerous Goods Division 6.1) are also subject to the transportation regulations. Designed as a companion course to Saf-T-Pak’s Division 6.2 Infectious substance shipping training (which includes coverage of Select Agents), this webinar covers the requirements for shipping Biological Toxins (Select Toxins), which are toxins that have been extracted from a living organism.

A prerequisite for this course is that the student must have successfully completed an infectious substance shipping course, including Category A Infectious substances, within the past year.


This training covers the regulatory requirements as outlined in the ICAO/IATA regulations, as well as the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Subjects covered include the regulatory requirements for identification, as well as classification, packaging, marking, labeling and documentation for shipping small quantities of biological toxins. Permit requirements are also covered, and include quantities ranging from microliters and micrograms to liters and kilograms. Students learn:

  • Learn to classify biological toxins for transport purposes
  • Identify biological toxins and assign UN numbers and Proper shipping names
  • Understand the packaging requirements for De minimis quantities
  • Understand the requirements for proper packaging, marking and documenting of Excepted Quantities of Biological toxins shipments
  • Understand the requirements for proper packaging, marking, labeling and documenting shipments of Limited Quantities of Biological toxins
  • Understand the preparation of permits for shipping and handling Select Toxins

Please note that this training does not address the shipment of non-biological toxins.

Although each student receives a handbook, this is an appendix to Saf-T-Pak’s current Compliance Training Reference Manual, which is required for the course. If you don’t already have a Saf-T-Pak Compliance Reference manual, it is available to purchase at a discount for this webinar. Upon completion of the training, students are provided with access to an online exam designed to test their understanding and comprehension of the course, and then provide them with a certificate of completion.


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