To help ensure problem free installation of this application please be aware of the following:

  • Any previously installed Saf-T-Pak training applications must be uninstalled before attempting to install the current years training application. (This does not apply to application updates for the same year.) If you need assistance backing up information from a prior training year please contact us.
  • You will require administrator access on the target computer. If you do not have permission to install applications on the target computer please contact your IT department for assistance.

2016 Training Files

Full Training Application Download (0.98 GB)
Current Version 16.1
This is the download method recommended for most users. It downloads a single file that installs the entire Saf-T-Pak 6.2 training program. This one file can also be saved to thumb drives or a network drive for easy installation on multiple computers.

Please click the image to the left to start your download.

Please note, this link will take you to a different website.

16.1 Download


2015 Training Files

Training Application Update (149MB)
Saf-T-Pak’s 15.4 update to compliance training includes:

  • A fix related to exam dates
  • A better user experience
  • Updates previous version of 15.1, 15.2, or 15.3 to current version 15.4

Saf-T-Pak Training v15.4 Update

If you are unsure of which download method best suits your needs, please contact your network administrator, or the Saf-T-Pak IT support team at 800-814-7484


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