Phase Change Material (PCM)

Saf-T-Temp™ brand Phase Change Materials (PCM) are engineered to help keep your valuable payload within the desired temperature range during transit, whether at frozen, refrigerated or controlled room temperatures.

STP-521 Saf-T-Temp Phase Change Materials are tested and pre-qualified in a variety of Saf-T-Pak insulated shipping systems, providing cost-effective solutions for many shipping requirements. Individual PCM and insulated shipping systems data sheets with thermal performance test results, preconditioning and assembly instructions are available by contacting your Territory Manager.

The Saf-T-Temp PCM line can also provide thermal protection solutions for your custom-designed packaging. Saf-T-Pak will work with your team to provide cost-effective solutions that meet your specific Phase Change Material and payload requirements. Whether you require customized systems, customized temperature PCMs or off-the-shelf, pre-qualified solutions, you can trust Saf-T-Pak to provide the correct thermal packaging solution for your requirements.

Controlled Room Temperature (CRT)

Protection for 10/25, 15/30 and 20/24°C ranges available with specific load and preconditioning instructions. Please contact your Saf-T-Pak territory representative for more information including datasheets of qualification tests under hot and cold stress conditions.


The Saf-T-Temp Gel Paks phase change at 0°C to ensure your specimens or products remain chilled during transit.

Frozen (-10)

The Saf-T-Temp (-10) Paks phase change at -10°C to ensure your specimens or products remain frozen during transit.

For more information about Saf-T-Temp PCMs , contact your territory manager at 800.814.7484 from within the US or Canada, or at 780.486.0296 from all other areas.