Saf-T-Temp Products from Saf-T-Pak


Saf-T-Pak’s Phase Change Material (PCM) is developed to provide your shipment with the thermal protection needed to ensure safe transport. With our wide range of Phase Change Material, you will find the right PCM solution to meet your unique temperature band and shipping duration requirements.

Saf-T-Pak’s Phase Change Material (PCM) releases thermal energy as it phases between solid and liquid. As the PCM phases (melting/freezing temperatures) it releases or stores large amounts of energy as a component of the Phase Change Material’s latent heat fusion. During this process of phasing, our PCM will maintain its specific temperature band to ensure the safe thermal climate of your payload during transit.

Our PCM, has proven to be a very effective thermal barrier/insulation between your payload and external temperature fluctuations frequently seen during transport.

Saf-T-Pak’s Territory Managers are available to consult with you on your shipping requirements, and to ensure that you purchase the correct Phase Change Material.

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